Advice on which T-shirt to wear

On the most classic jeans or on a white trousers, on a leggings or a black elephant’s paw, just the right t-shirt to change look and be in place.
But which one to choose as you want? Embroidered and low-cut to be sexy, printed and colored if you want to be witty, solid color and a bit original to travel and to be chic and sensual better soft and tight.
With tops and t-shirts, little is spent and the wardrobe is renewed. The t-shirts also take up little space in the suitcase and offer a thousand alternative looks depending on the pairings. A white top is fine under a jacket for a romantic dinner or a pair of jeans for a beach holiday. Fear that a t-shirt is too mundane and standard? Fear of the effect “already seen” or that some friend has bought it the same? Just put your nose just off the usual shops under the house and choose on the web, there are offers from every corner of the world, discounts, shipments also from overseas and the uniqueness is assured. Some examples to peek to get inspired:
If you think this brand is just about lingerie or swimwear, you’re wrong. VS is also clothes, suits, shoes, suits and of course t-shirts. Did you know, for example, that their tops can be worn without a bra because they have incorporated it, hidden and invisible? For a super effect, just search on the official website.
All the warmth and color of Spain. Their creations can be found both on the web – on the official website – and in stores and are a real guarantee of originality. Asymmetries, bare shoulders, plunging necklines, designs, daring and unique patterns. For those who think that summer should be an explosion of joy. Because being solar is also being seductive.

Goodbye push-up: here’s the 3D t-shirt for a generous breasts

If push-ups are more a nuisance than help, this 3D-effect t-shirt could be a real breakthrough for lovers of generous breasts.
The world of VIPs continues to offer models of eternal youth, obtained thanks to exhausting, painful and expensive sessions by the cosmetic surgeon. As for ordinary mortals instead? Those must always adapt to the best, finding ingenious solutions that do not involve attacks on their bank account.
If on the men’s front it’s all a matter of centimeters, with a precision in measurement that not even a carpenter, for women the dilemmas tend to be more. From the hips to the lips, up to the royal couple: the breasts. This is the great distress of girls disappointed by the vain promises of adolescent development, as well as women terribly offended by the arrogance of gravity.
All this leads a lot to opt for the installation of two boulders, rigid and immobile in their fixity, even on a roller coaster upside down. The alternative to these ‘improper weapons’ comes from Reddit, where it continues to highlight the importance of optical effects with a particular t-shirt.
There are those who cleverly exploit the new techniques of make-up, carefully following videos on YouTube, increasing the perception of their breasts. There are those who use 3D graphics to feel comfortable in public, without spending thousands of euros and find themselves having to live with a system in the chest.
The images related to this ‘miraculous’ shirt have quickly become viral even on Igmur, among the joyful comments of many users. Avoid an intervention and draw the gaze of some boy or girl for some time in their sights.
We have over 20 years of experience in making T-shirts.

4 ways to wear the knot t-shirt!

It’s true, we’re not all made like Kendall, but this time, his look is easy to copy: just adapt it to our body! First, get yourself a basic t-shirt, even one of those of your boy is fine, because, being wider, it will be easier to tie it and it will fall soft. If you draw it among yours, take care to choose one that does not adhere to the body, therefore in cotton, even flamed, and not in microfibre: the effect must be casual.
And then? Then it’s simple, just make the knot! But … where to knot it?
1. The knot t-shirt if you have a wide chest
Steal one from your boyfriend: it must be soft, so as not to highlight the chest. Knot it in the center, just above the navel and then spread it on the sides.
2. The knot t-shirt if you have soft hips
Here too it takes an over-knit, because you have to tie it sideways and down. Make a small knot, and let it go down to the sides, so the drapery will minimize its softness. Wear it with a pair of palazzo pants and you will be not only beautiful, but also very comfortable!
3. The knot t-shirt with the skirt
Why not? The high-waisted skirt is perfect. If you do not feel like it, try it with the pleated skirt, which falls softer. If your forte is the waistline, knot it over your navel and you prefer a high-waisted skirt: the eye will not fall that way and you will be maximized!
4. The knot t-shirt with sports pants
Whether it’s pantsuit or jeans, it’s always good, the important thing is to be comfortable. You can also wear it with the coulotte pants and tie the shirt just below the navel: it will give you an easy chic look. Add a couple of Converse and you’re done!

Mania t-shirt! The true must of summer 2019

Loged, printed or “talking” … however you prefer t-shirts are the most fun diktat fashion of the season!
One of the most transversal streetstyle cult garments of all time returns to establish itself in the coolest ready-to-wear, and does it in the most sparkling way possible: with touches of vintage touches, 80s influences and lots of nostalgia for the nineties. What are we talking about? Of course, the t-shirt of course, the most entertaining must-have of summer 2019!
Impossible for a real it-girl not to include a good dose in your wardrobe … the proposals are so many that one can not really be enough. And then let’s face it, it is a passepartout head, very easy to carry in any situation and can be declined in the most disparate styles. Really impossible not to fall in love with this trend so easy and glam!
But what will be the guidelines in terms of t-shirts for the new season? This summer there is only one rule to follow scrupulously: dare!
From the fantasies of the moment reinterpreted with surprising colors – like the stripes or the paintings – to the most ironic prints, everything is granted as long as it has a strong impact.
The fashion statement could not be more varied than this: from important posters to direct messages, from vintage logos to prints of photos of cult characters … nothing escapes the light and sparkling hegemony tee!
In short, the t-shirt does not give up, but how to choose in this multitude of proposals?
If you are a tee addicted summer 2019 is really your time. Discover with us the strongest trends of the season and get ready to stock up on super-cool t-shirts for a more funny wardrobe than ever before!